Our Clients and Partners

Our clients range from Sizeable Multi-national corporation to Entrepreneurial start-up companies in various sectors, banking and finance, Insurance, Securities, Fintech, Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Media, Telecommunication, IT Service Providers, FMCG, Logistics, Hospitality, to name just a few.

What We provide

Recruitment & Executive Search

Secondment Services

Payroll outsourcing

Recruitment & Executive Search

Talent Mapping

Salary Benchmarking

Permanent Recruitment and Executive search

We have specialized HR consultant and researchers on various industries, working on junior-middle to senior positions. With strong market knowledge and industry domain knowledge, our consultants always understand client’s requirements and deliver satisfactory solutions

What we specialize in

  • Technologies
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Sales and Marketing
  • HR & Admin
  • Customer service
  • Insurance

Secondment Contract services

Secondment services is a flexible and cost-effective way in growing your business and team

Need resources during a headcount freeze
Want to employ staff on temporary assignments/ project-basis
Want to reduce costs

You may enjoy local labor law, compliant hiring, payroll, mandatory contributions with the help of our in-country HR experts!

Payroll outsourcing

You may reduce your Human resources & capital by outsourcing your payroll and dedicate in growing your business.

Save costs like investing and paying maintenance fees for HR software or hardware and inhouse payroll specialist

Talent Mapping

Our talent mapping service is tailor-made for companies who want to collect market information, benchmarking themselves in the market and manage potential profit or risk for critical positions in the company.

HR Tech Solutions

JustOneGalaxy Recruitment is dedicated in technology and by combining th latest tech and our passion, we provide the best service to our trusted partners.

We are adopting cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence system (AI) enhancing the interaction between job seekers, consultants and hiring managers.

AI system will access to different specific requirements of the job and candidates, and the candidate’s preferences on the upcoming career, perform analytics and


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